i love announcing that i’ll document my whole trip here and proceed to get completely swept away by it all, actually posting days later ???? i guess that shows you the effect Seoul has – you just can’t sit still, there’s too much food and shopping and sights and more food to intake!!

it’s 7:24 am now and we haven’t officially gotten up for day 3, so let me tell our story so far in pictures:

Asiana Airlines bibimbap!! thanks for feeding us so much!!!!

shoutout to Asiana Airlines for feeding us so much and for this pretty decent bibimbap, which was getting me even more hyped to touch down in its origin country

after 13.5 hours i finally made it to Seoul’s Incheon Airport!!! i can’t sleep on planes or in any situation that isn’t a full bed with blankets (such a demanding sleeper), so i had to make do with 5 movies and pretending to nap. Isle of Dogs was quirky af and great, a Wrinkle in Time was a stoner dream, I Feel Pretty was ????????‍♀️, The Big Sick was sweet (did anyone else watch and was obsessed with the main female character’s hilarious southern mom), and Thor Ragnarok was just amazing in so many ways

anyway SO I LANDED

and reunited with my best friend who teaches English in Tokyo, Johnny ???????????????? our trip is 4 days in Seoul, 4 in Tokyo. i know that sounds little but let me tell you, after our first two days in Seoul i can confirm we ???????? are ???????? efficient ???????? travelers ????????????????????????


after looking forever for our Chungmuro airbnb and finally dropping the loads off, we did the only thing our heart and seouls wanted to do most, which is eat absolutely everything in Myeongdong, AKA street food and shopping heavenMyeongdong and its epic shopping street lights up the night

this 계란빵 / gyeran-ppang / “egg bread” alone is worth flying to the other side of the world to

it’s really just an egg cracked over a cornbread-tasting, sweet type of base and maybe sprinkled with seeds, basically everything you see here:Amazing 겨란빵 for only $2 USD, one of the first carts you’ll encounter entering Myeongdong

Amazing 겨란빵 for only $2 USD, one of the first carts you’ll encounter entering Myeongdong

((and i was clearly too busy eating everything because the rest of these food pics are Johnny’s))

winding in and out of Myeongdong you’re eventually going to run into the Line and Friends flagship store with big beautiful Brown up front getting sat on all day by overly excited visitors, us being no exception

LOOK HOW CUTE THIS IS we didn’t want to wait in the huge friday night line so we’re going to come back for it on Monday .. pls wait for me little guy and don’t sell out

and that was basically it for “day 1” which really was just night 1 but still!!!! on to the next official, first full day here ????????????