we decided not to set early alarms so we can get our bodies fully prepared for the total stomach breakdowns and jello legs from all the walking .. looking back this was a very wise idea as we ended up traveling 5 different areas in one day!!!!!!

to start off our saturday we flew into Innisfree Green Café (actually before that we pounced on another gyeranppang) because i saw people posting these massively fluffy pancakes on instagram and needed them unquestioningly, and they didn’t disappoint, and neither did Johnny’s egg toast

and as a wise person once said somewhere some time, one does not simply eat without honoring each food with a photoshoot

Soufflé cloud pancakes and sweet-savory egg toast from Innisfree Green Café

after we felt sufficiently overfed we began our trek to Namsan Tower, a super iconic landmark in Seoul that’s an absolute must-go with gorgeous 360° views of the whole city

the only problem was – that we figured out too late – is that google maps doesn’t really have our physical health in mind here, and it took us on the craziest uphill road to get to the tower

how were we alive after this????

but it was all worth it in the end, of course, because we shot up to the sky in a really cool elevator and got to see this

it was super incredibly beautiful!!! you can also send postcards directly from the observatory and there’s a cute little postbox to slip them into ????

after the awe and beauty of the tower and the terror of the way we took to get there, a shuttle bus down was deffffffinitely in order

which we took to Seoul Station, transferred through a couple of trains, and wound up in Samseongdong, in order to scope out SM Entertainment’s Coexartium (a center with galleries, cool artist stuff, and gift shops) and check out the major entertainment agencies in the Gangnam area

Right outside Samseong-dong station!
Right outside Samseong-dong station!

it was really cool! tbh we didn’t actually go into the museum there because it was $18 and we felt like the rest of the center was already enough of an ~SM Entertainment experience~

afterwards we were trying to find BTS’ Big Hit Entertainment but we didn’t end up getting to it even when we went to the right area lol

we had some great 흑돼지 삼겹살 / heugdwaeji samgyeopsal / pork belly and other noms at Heugdonga in the Samseong-dong area

then we walked (at this point the jelly legs were starting to get very real) to Apgujeong, home of the famous K-Star Road with all its kpop bears and some extremely fancy stores

(figure museum was closing by the time we got there)
(figure museum was closing by the time we got there)

then we took a bus over to our next area of the day, Itaewon, because Johnny found out that there was a drag show going on at night and we worship drag queens so ????????????

once we walked another 10 blocks because the bus driver ignored us trying to get off, we stopped at this cute Fat Cat café and holy crap this hazelnut latte and chocolate coconut brownie combo were perfect

but honestly even this didn’t beat what came next, going to Rabbit Hole Arcade Pub and getting hilariously drinked up and dancing all night with some beautiful queens

perfect summary picture of the night lol

aaaaand after that it was ~1 am, so we took the 30th taxi (that didn’t ignore us lol) back home, got Popeye’s (yes they have one, as they seemingly have everything we do in NYC)

also Johnny says we should make a Seoul playlist with all the songs from that night, which i think is a great idea & i’ll make a separate post for that

anyway then we collapsed and that was it for day 2!! ????

how are you liking these posts? too long? too little or too many pictures?! let me know! until next time ????????????