our day 3 in Seoul was the perfect mix of history and modern: exploring the 600-year-old Bukchon Hanok Village and beautiful Gyeongbokgung Palace, then going on to the super popular Hongdae neighborhood and closing the night by chilling at Han River ????

there’s a lot of info you can find already online about these spots, but i hope these photos are also convincing to make your own journey to Seoul someday!

without further ado, the details of day 3:

in the Hanok village and Gyeongbokgung area (they’re close to each other), you’ll run into a lot of ladies wearing traditional hanbok in all different colors and styles, and you can actually rent them to wear in a bunch of shops around there! paired with the area’s history, the hanbok really help to bring it all to life:

Hanok Village is just so beautiful and the photo ops are generous!!!

after Hanok Village we strolled to Gyeongbokgung Palace, a huuuuuuuuuuge complex made up of extremely detailed, ornate shrines and nature throughout. you can feel history flowing through it the second you walk into the first plaza and take it all in, it’s 대박 / awesome ????

i kept nagging Johnny that we absolutely. must. have. BINGSU. at some point during the day, so after Gyeongbokgung we found our way into Insadong, which is also a really great place for souvenir shops. my goal was to find the same bingsu place i went to 2 years ago on my Seoul study abroad, and after a while of hunting, we found it (thanks to the Wanna One advertisements at the entrance – you know it’s good when the celebs model for it ????). it’s called Sulbing, a bingsu chain in Seoul!

a note that the following bingsu looks extremely delicious, but to be honest it was only good while the Oreos lasted, and got pretty average once they were gone lol; i highhhhhly recommend the melon one with red bean and mochi and vanilla ice cream (i think it was called the ttong-ttong flavor? but you’ll know it when you see it on the menu!!) ((i’ll have pics of the melon one on day 4’s post)

Insadong has a great street food scene, and we couldn’t help but ignore the fact that we just devoured bingsu in order to try one stand’s chalba, which is basically a fried pocket of dough with filling (a Korean hot pocket kinda), i went with the 고구마 / sweet potato one because i am very helplessly obsessed with this vegetable

aaaand then we went to Hongdae, which is just the best for shopping (buy your $1 sock souvenirs here) and street food (lol i bet this sounds repetitive because there are so many Seoul neighborhoods with incredible street food!!!!)

and there’s no shortage of t-shirts with a roulette of random words and pictures; how great is this one???? hi Tom!!!!

my friend who lives in Seoul, 회권 / Hoegwon, made an interesting point about those t-shirts: Koreans don’t wear shirts with hangeul/Korean phrases on them because they think that’s weird, hence why most are in English or other languages, or in pictures

and special shoutout to 회권 for hanging out with us and sharing the best chimaek (chicken and beer) at the Han River… a classic Seoulite thing to do, especially for dates ????

it was such a fantastic day but we had to go home at some point!!!!

yes we were eating like maniacs but also walking like bigger maniacs.. please judge us slightly less ????

cute blog-post-ending-pic in 3, 2..????