by this point our legs have disassociated from our bodies from how much overuse they’ve been putting up with, but we didn’t really have time to be in pain sooooo for our last full day in Seoul (it came way too soon ????) (not that 4 days were expected to feel like a long time lol) since we conquered over 15 Seoul areas in the previous 3 days, we dedicated #4 strictly to enjoying food and shopping ~ our friend Jane invited us for lunch at a super small, easily-missable little restaurant in Hyehwa whose name i never caught (i’ll update this post if i do learn it) but which had legit the BEST TONKATSU sheeeeesh it was so crispy and juicy all at once and the vibrant sauces just ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? and a huge plate of food + sides is $5 or less!!! and a stop at A Twosome Place ((this name hahaha)) after for sweet potato, matcha, and coffee lattes~ Myeongdong was to be our main event, but we still had the whole day ahead of us, so i led us to Dongdaemun, which is known for its great bargains on all sorts of stuff, especially souvenirs and apparel. there are endless indoor markets here and it would take probably a day or more in order to get through all of it!! we found some great stores like Butters (for cute lifestyle stuff and accessories), a huge music and kpop merch store, and loads of other irresistible goodies at the Hyundai City Outlets mall: we didn’t get to stop by the sleek Dongdaemun History & Culture Park (maybe next time), but it’s impressive even from the outside: we took the 4 line to Myeongdong as planned, but omg a torrential rain started right as we got there and it made our shopping a whole m e s s which i guess i deserve for being so consumeristic but still ???????????? at one point the paper shopping bags i had just completely, brutally tore open because of the rain, and everything dropped into the street and got rained on LOL did i mention it was a mess but we made it through anyhow and definitely with the help of street food and gyeranppang
the last gyeranppang we had in Seoul :’( goodbye heaven
and the melon bingsu i mentioned in day 3’s post that you absolutely have to get if you run into it aaaand as a finale to our Seoul trip, we took a ride to Itaewon again to investigate if the chimaek place that Charlotte (one of the drag queens we made friends with two nights ago) recommended was really the best in Seoul and damn i’m gonna have to say it is a very very very good candidate (boneless!!!) because it was absolutely perfectly juicy and crispy!!!! they also have a whole bunch of fries options like pizza, taco, etc. that are very drool-worthy ???? i can’t really show pictures of our Airbnb & us leaving it as a way to end this Seoul adventures log, but i hope you liked these posts and maybe they also gave you some ideas for places you can go on your own visit ???? nowwww on to Tokyo!